On Air with Dr Dwayne Crombie | The CIO Studio Podcast

14 May 2024 10:00 AM By CIO Studio

In our inaugural episode of the CIO Studio Podcast, Dr. Dwayne Crombie, former CEO of Bupa New Zealand and Australia, sits down with CIO Studio Founder, Ray Delany, and discusses his experiences in the healthcare industry. 

Crombie emphasises the importance of customer experience and engagement in the healthcare sector and the need for improved technology and digital solutions. He also shares his thoughts on the current state of the New Zealand health system and the challenges it faces. He believes that a more decentralised approach is needed, with regional health boards and greater community involvement. 

Crombie also discusses the role of the CIO and the importance of digital transformation in organisations. He highlights the need for clear business outcomes and effective collaboration between different departments. He concludes by discussing the importance of developing local talent in the digital field and the potential benefits of importing overseas solutions.

Watch the full video podcast now.
Ray Delany
Founder, CIO Studio