Opinion: I'm not shocked by GPT-4 and the 6th Innovation Cycle

05 April 2023 09:05 PM By CIO Studio

by Danika Ciullo, Marketing Advisor

Opinion: I'm not shocked by GPT-4 or the 6th Innovation Wave

The tech landscape is changing quickly, but it's what can be expected.

Booms happen in innovation in massive waves - spikes. Once the ball starts chugging up the hill, we see a spider web effect that branches out to all aspects of our lives. 

It's never just the tech. It's the people.

Some might say that the developments in AI are happening quickly and faster than thought before. OpenAI released ChatGPT-4 within less than six months of GPT-3.

But I've got to say - I am not surprised.

Chat and writing AI was around long before the big media push bringing OpenAI's tech into the sun. (Hence GPT-4)

I was using marketing software to help with blog prompts and outline my piles of notes early last year. 

As GPT-3 exploded in popularity, people were easily able to understand how to use it. It wasn't a far-off AI that only Elon Musk was developing or some brainiac engineers were using to build cancer-detecting robots. 

When tech growth actually affects people's daily lives, they take notice of how quickly it takes off. 

But this happens often. We just forget or aren’t in the loop. 

It's inevitable that the next step is for this innovation cycle to continue peaking with AI being at the forefront. 

We know this will happen. It's actually the sixth major wave and is being dubbed the Age of Hyper-Innovation.

It will eventually plateau. We need to be prepared.

Oh - and it's not going to wait for you and slow down. 

New Zealand has certainly had its share of troubles this year from the floods to economic issues, politics to housing. I feel a bit down about things sometimes too - I get it. (Hello, mortgage rates, I'm glaring at you.)

But now is not the time to sit back and wait for it to pass. 

Grab your digital surfboard and get in the water before the wave passes.

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