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So... what's in the Digital Digest?

CIO Studio Blogs

Every month our CIO Studio advisors pen blogs on topics relevant to the digital, tech, or NZ business industry. We try to give our honest opinions to help improve your digital strategy, but also provide value and insight to the solution to common problems facing companies today. Topics range from what's new in the NZ tech industry to new legislation affecting businesses.

Human Element

Technology exists to help humans along their merry way, but it should never be used just for the sake of it. We like to learn about how humans and technology come together, what the problems are, and what we can do to improve that relationship. Although we write on the topic of humans and tech sometimes, it's important to get outside perspectives from trusted sources.

Tech and AI

We can't publish a newsletter about digital business without writing about... well... the technology! Our goal is to talk about the technologies that are changing business every day for leaders and board members. It's also fun to dig into the weird and wonderful gadgets that come out, too though! And there's no getting around chatting about artificial intelligence and its effect on the workforce.

Digital Digest: a sneak peak!

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