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What we do

At CIO Studio we help purpose-driven enterprises transform through better strategic use of technology.

Our team of core advisors and specialists are here to solve your digital challenges.

Digital problems sound familiar?

Things aren't right and you need a hand figuring it out?

Everything digital or tech feeling a bit "clunky"?

Competitors are racing ahead of you digitally?

You know you need a more strategic approach?

Not sure if your digital tech is a liability or an asset?

Worried about your
security or privacy?

You just know there's a better way?

We feel your pain because we've been there before - many times over.

Don't worry - we can help! CIO Studio is trusted by New Zealand businesses to help plot out their digital strategy.

Digital transformation
in 3 easy steps

Packages to suit your needs: scalable, tailored... you're in control!

Step 1

Discovery Project

Identify your digital goals with this initial discovery engagement. We take a look at your current environment and paint a picture of your digital future.

What you get:

  • Current state analysis

  • Future needs analysis

  • Customised "plan on a page" roadmap

  • Fixed-price payment

  • Value-guaranteed promise

No surprises. No risk. No brainer.

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Step 2

Make It Happen

After the Discovery Project, it's time to move into implementation mode. We can also work on a plan or project you bring to us!

What you get:

  • Fixed-cost monthly plan

  • Agile work approach

  • Flexibility

  • Cancel anytime

  • Dedicated C-Level expertise

Make your digital strategy come to life.

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Step 3

Keep It Right

CIO Studio's Virtual CIO service keeps you on the front foot, backed by a team of experts across New Zealand. 

What you get:

  • C-level strategic tech expertise

  • Predictable monthly cost structure

  • Only pay for what you need

  • Scalable up or down as needed

  • Experienced and up-to-date

Get your dedicated virtual CIO now.

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What else we can do for you:

Full CIO services for your company (details)

Expertise available when you need it (details)

Help on existing or upcoming digital projects

Research and implementation support

Executive-level Mentoring and Coaching

Extra strategic tech capacity when you need it

Added capability to support or boost your team

...and so much more!

Need a hand?

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