Discovery Project

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​Let's figure it out together.

Lots of businesses like yours aren’t getting the most out of digital and tech but can’t quite put their finger on “why”.

Others know they have some challenges and need a hand figuring it out. And some might be on track, but know they’d benefit from a second opinion. 

Whatever your current state, the CIO Studio Discovery Project will help move your digital and technology forward. 

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​​About the Discovery Project

What you get

Identify your digital goals with this initial discovery engagement. We take a look at your current environment and paint a picture of your digital future.

What you get:

    • Current state analysis
    • Future needs analysis
    • Customised "plan on a page" roadmap
    • Fixed-price package
    • Value-guaranteed promise

No surprises. No risk. No brainer.

A full digital and tech strategic review

The best businesses don’t just have a business strategy – they have a digital strategy to enable it. If you want digital and tech to drive your business success, you need to start with strategy.  

The Discovery Project is the first part of this equation – a full strategic tech review, figuring out what makes a business tick, defining how we can help make it tick better, and creating a high-level digital and technology roadmap to get there.

This is all-encompassing, and focuses on four key areas:


Processes & Applications

Internal processes and the applications you use to enable those processes.



The technology foundations in place to support your mission.

Customer experience

Customer Experience

How you offer services, how well you know your customers, and their experience.

Market presence

Market Presence

Your digital profile in the market, primarily through your website and social media.

An analysis and a way forward


The outcome of the Discovery Project is a summary of where things are at now, what’s going right or wrong, where the opportunities are, and what the future could look like - and a Plan on a Page to get there.

We identify the good, the bad and the ugly of the current setup, and clearly define what areas of digital and tech can empower and enhance your business going forwards. 

Our summary gives you an indication of the projects and initiatives - and approximate timeframe and cost - to get to the desired future state to enable business growth and better customer experience. 

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All summarised in a
 Plan on a Page

Once you have your review summary and plan, you can either finish there, or look to implementation.

Most choose the latter, but that's your call. Our customers are always in control.

Mapping out a proper strategy will lead to a better customer experience, better staff experience and far more efficient operation. 

Who is the Discovery Project for?

No two businesses are the same and we customise the Discovery Project for your needs, but there are some common characteristics:

Companies with:

Rapid growth: need to take a more strategic approach to digital and technology

Clunky systems: lots of manual admin, poor digital marketing, other digital/tech challenges and need a hand figuring it out

Legacy technology: need a plan to modernise for the next phase of their digital journey

Competitors racing ahead: want to see how they can use digital and tech as a competitive advantage

Want to validate their current approach: want to ensure they're currently getting the most out of their investment

Just need a second opinion: looking for a review of their current plan

Talk to us to see if it's right for you.

Your investment

The cost depends on your business size and complexity but is very reasonable and based on an agreed up-front fixed price.

Talk to us about your situation and we'll provide a simple, fixed-cost value-guaranteed cost.

We usually run Discovery as a standalone project over 2-3 months, and it involves significant research and understanding of your organisation and its needs. 

Your investment
Guaranteed value

Guaranteed value - no small print!

We’ve yet to meet a company that doesn’t get significant value from a group of experienced strategic CIOs helping review and map out a plan.

We’re so confident you’ll find CIO Studio’s Discovery project hugely valuable that we guarantee it! If you feel you haven’t received more value from the project than the cost, we’ll refund you.

No exceptions, no small print.

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