Helping you solve big digital problems

At CIO Studio, we help companies transform through better strategic use of technology.

We don't just "do IT"

We analyse then implement a fully customised digital strategy to help you get ahead.

Ranging from our value-guaranteed initial strategic review through to a detailed roadmap and ongoing virtual CIO support, we guide you along the path to a better future digital state.

Packages are available to suit your unique starting point, tailored and scalable at any time.

Our team of specialists work for you.

Who we are

CIO Studio's advisors are New Zealand's experts in digital and tech strategy.

Our team has years of experience guiding businesses on their digital journey. When things aren't right we feel your pain - because we've been there before, many times over.

We believe digital is about people and technology working seamlessly together, and it's our job to make that happen.

Ready to transform?