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We are the fastest-growing IT management and governance community in New Zealand

CIO Studio enables you to access decades of digital expertise as a monthly service to transform your business.

Who we are

CIO Studio is powered by a community of highly skilled and trusted core advisors and specialists with decades of expertise across the digital landscape of New Zealand.

We are customer-centred and we work through a business strategy lens to guide you on your journey to digital transformation. 

Our vision is for all Kiwi businesses to thrive in the digital world


What we do

We take a human-centred approach to understand your challenges and then we curate digital solutions specific to your business and aligned to your goals.

Ranging from simple task-based plans through to  sophisticated roadmaps and complex architectural solutions, we guide you along the path from your unique starting point to the end state that you want to get to.

Digital transformation as a service


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MyCIO Starter


Looking to get started?


MyCIO Starter gets you moving and gives you a practical plan with a list of immediate actions you can take to digitise your business.

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MyCIO Mature


Needing more depth?


MyCIO Mature goes deep - we get into the nuts and bolts of your business and craft a detailed roadmap including identified risk factors, benefits of investment at each stage, migration strategy and more.

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MyCIO Premium


Wanting precision of the end-state?


MyCIO Premium gives you an enterprise-level architecture to support your business into the future. We develop the complete reference point for your transformation journey covering business process, information, data and applications.


Ready to transform?

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