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So you’ve undertaken our Discovery Project and now it’s time to bring your plan to life. Or maybe you have another project – we can help with that too! 

Whether you just need some guidance or want us to fully manage your change programme, CIO Studio have the team to make it happen.

No plan? No problem!

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To do it right, your plan needs to be overseen by experts and we have the team to do it right. 

From the Discovery Project you’ll have a summary of what makes your business tick, what's holding you back, and what to do about it.

How we work

We typically provide highly skilled, C-level expertise on a fractional, scalable, monthly subscription basis. 

We often charge a fixed fee for our engagement as scoped. While we expect that this will translate into a proportion of full-time positions, we concentrate on the outcomes. 

Our team are all seasoned business professionals with a broad range of skills and capabilities. With a range of specialisms, you get a whole team of digital leaders. 

Our Agile approach

We work in an Agile way as this is the model that is most likely to produce successful outcomes that meet your needs. 

A successful Agile project looks like:

Engagement with you and your people: this is something we’re doing together, not something we’re doing “to” your people.

An outcomes focus: we care about getting outcomes that are meaningful to you. As we progress, these outcomes might change. 

Collaboration over contract: while we do have an agreement of course, our focus is on genuine partnership and collaborating to get good outcomes. If either of us feel we have to refer back to the contract wording, we’ve failed. 

Responding to change: while we will follow a plan, it’s likely your circumstances will change - even just in small ways. We'll actively solicit and meet your changing priorities and work to ensure a well-managed but flexible process. 

The first step is to work through the following


Does the plan work for you? Or should we change it?


How quickly do you want to implement it?


Do you want just guidance, or us to fully manage it?


What other factors might impact on the scope or timeframe?

Your investment

The cost is essentially a product of the work vs timeframe – we often work on a fixed-cost monthly subscription basis and our Agile approach provides maximum flexibility as your needs change.

We also don’t believe in locking clients into lengthy contracts. We’ll discuss the cost and schedule of projects, but you can cancel the engagement at any stage if you don’t feel you’re receiving value.

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