Gareth Cronin joins CIO Studio as a Core Advisor

12 May 2023 02:26 PM By CIO Studio

by Danika Ciullo, Marketing Advisor

Gareth Cronin for CIO Studio

Say hello to Gareth Cronin!

We welcome Gareth to our team as a new CIO Studio advisor to help lead digital change and growth for our clients. 

Gareth comes from a strong software leadership background with mountains of strategic experience.

He is a people leader and technologist, having built, led and grown teams in some of New Zealand's most challenging software companies.

Here's what "sparks joy" for Gareth:

- Setting technology and architectural vision and strategy

- Designing and leading organisational change

- Motivating and promoting innovation in high skilled teams

- Finding novel solutions to tough technical challenges in fast-paced, high-pressure environments

Recently he has been with Xero, championing as a General Manager in their Developer Platform after spending time in several other teams over the last 6 years. 

Other past roles include Advisor, CTO and Co-Founder at Ambit (a customer service at scale platform), Architecture Consultant at Air New Zealand, and VP of Product Development over at Orion Health where he grew the department from one location to five agile development teams across the globe. 

Also of note is his time spent as a leader over the Development team at Kiwiplan NZ for almost 8 years. He worked his way up from Analyst/Programmer to Development Manager in that time, guiding the other developers on a suite of ERP, MRP, logistics and continuous scheduling applications for the packaging manufacturing industry.

Gareth Cronin enjoying a beer in Japan

In his spare time, he enjoys solving problems by deploying tiny software apps through the likes of JavaScript, Google Sheets, AWS, and perhaps his Raspberry Pi. (Check out his Medium account, it's pretty neat!)

I also peeked at his Goodreads list and can say with over 836 ratings he seems to be fairly well-read, and anyone that dives into Neil Gaiman is OK by me. 

Want to work with Gareth? Contact CIO Studio to find out how we can help with your next digital change project.