Gareth Cronin talks to 1News about Threads and legal action from Twitter

18 July 2023 05:46 PM By CIO Studio

Just a day after the launch of rival social media platform Threads, Twitter is already threatening legal action against Meta.

Gareth Cronin technology consultant

(Source: 1News)

Two hours after pressing launch, more than 2 million people downloaded Threads.

Now, in less than a day, Meta's rival to Twitter can claim over 30 million downloads and counting.

CIO Studio Core Advisor Gareth Cronin gave his take on the new app, saying it's like a combination of Twitter and Instagram.

"Anyone going to Threads will recognise the experience immediately," he said.

"It feels like you're almost in Twitter, except you're not… Maybe in Insta?"

It took Instagram a month to reach 1 million users, but Threads is expected to hit 100 million downloads next month.

Kiwis 1News spoke to were mixed on whether they would join it.

"I'll probably give it a try, and if all my friends start using it, maybe I'll start using it more as well," one person said.

"I wouldn't use it, and we probably don't need any other, to be honest. They take up a bit of time," another said.

Instagram's new social media platform bears more than a passing resemblance to Twitter.

It's real-time conversations — complete with memes, unsolicited thoughts and content.

Users have 500 characters to say whatever they want and can post videos up to five minutes long.

But Meta's "friendly" alternative has sparked a not-so-friendly Tweet from Twitter's boss Elon Musk.

He's threatened a lawsuit, claiming Mark Zuckerberg stole trade secrets, intellectual property and poached ex-Twitter staff to help create the app.

"It'll be tough to get across the line," Cronin said.

"The reality is under all of these software apps, for like 99.9%, it's the same plumbing everyone uses."

Musk spent $71.2 billion acquiring Twitter, but his stewardship has been "labelled chaotic".

He sacked hundreds of employees and made changes that frustrated users, with threads looking to be its biggest challenge.